The show!

It’s a celebration of summer pop songs & sublime performers, thirty years in the making. As a 30th birthday present to herself, Tara King (of Mad King Thomas) invited 30 of the Twin Cities’ best performers to create 30 bite-sized performances. Watch as they take on a slew of inescapable party songs and forgettable hits--the #1 hit singles on July 15th from 1983 to the present. It’s dance-as-boogie, dance-as-zeitgeist, dance-as-birthday-present.


It’s going to be raucous, joyful, disorganized, and quintessentially cabaret. This is not an evening for sitting quietly in your seat, absorbing High Art. It’s an evening for having dinner and a beer, for gleeful participation, for making friends. It’s an evening of grand proportions, forged in the belief that performance can be fast, easy, delicious, and communal.