Created by: 
Charles Campbell
Invisible Touch
Program Notes: 
On July 15, 1983 I was 15 years old. This fact has nothing to do with my performance. In 1983, Pablo Picasso had been dead for ten years. Coincidence? Perhaps. But remember in 1949, Picasso's work with light was documented in Life magazine and in that year Picasso was 68 years old. Furthermore, in 1968, I was born. Accident? You decide. Listen to this: ten years later, Keith Moon dies. The Who, for whom of course Mr Moon was a drummer, did not sing "Invisible Touch," which was released in 1986. On the other hand, if you merely reverse the digits of 86 you get 68. Chance? Perhaps. But if you think of the moon as a disk of light in the night sky, the death of Keith Moon and the New Moon -- when the moon seems to disappear -- of July 1986 correspond with a similarity too eerie not to raise significant questions. This performance will leave all of these questions unanswered.